056 FIFO

Today’s podcast features guest speaker Heinz Gies, creator of project FIFO


Heinz Gies @heinz_gies

Bryan Hunter @bryan_hunter

Kevin Hammond @khstandrews

Zach Kessin @zkessin


Lambda Days in Krakow, Poland: February 26-27

Elixir Comp Europe in Krakow Poland: April 23-24

Erlang Factory San Francisco in San Francisco, March 26-27

Erlang User Conference in Stockholm, Sweden, June 11-12




7 thoughts on “056 FIFO”

  1. no download link?
    BTW WordPress/Twitter/Facebook login doesn’t work because of NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID

    • Sorry! I (Rivka, the new editor) didn’t realize until now that I had all my comments set so that they needed approving! Working on fixing things now.

  2. Hi Zach, love your show. Sometimes the sound is not clear (like this episode) or only on one channel (like in the episode ‘Packages’).
    Anyway, perhaps you can bring in Heinz again to talk about his experience with LeoFS.

    • Thanks for the feedback! I (Rivka) am fairly new at this, thanks for your patience. Heinz has become one of our “regulars” and I’m sure we will hear a lot from him!

  3. Hello! I’ve been a listener for awhile now and you have a very interesting podcast I think. Sadly the latest few episodes have been unlistenable because of bad audio. I hope it will be better because I really like your guests and discussions.

      • I don’t feel like it’s your fault. From the sound it feels like it’s not much to work with. Maybe invest in some proper mics and pop-filter. It should be required when doing an established podcast and I would say a 60+ episodes podcast is established.

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