035 Writing a book on Erlang

We talk about what books the erlang community has now and what ones are in development. We also talk about what books we think that would be welcome additions to the Erlang community.

So if you have ever thought about writing a book on Erlang and didn’t know where to start then listen to this episode.


  • Francesco Cesarini
  • Fred Hebert
  • Simon St.Laurent ‏
  • Zach Kessin


Books on Erlang (More or less full list)


034 Community With Pieter Hintjens

Download Link: http://mostlyerlang.files.wordpress.com/2014/04/034_community_with_pieter.mp3

Pieter joins us to talk about how he has hacked the ZeroMQ community process to produce a vibrant project and great code. Pieter has explicitly set the rules for contributions to the project to welcome new members.

We talk a lot about how Conway’s law and Amdah’s law applies to open source projects, and how we can fall victim to that or take advantage of it.


  • Zachary Kessin
  • Pieter Hintjens
  • Fred Hebert


033 Skel With Kevin Hammond


  • Zachary Kessin (@zkessin)
  • Bryan Hunter (@bryan_hunter)
  • Kevin Hammond (@khstandrews)
  • Chris Brown (@chrismarkbrown)
  • Adam Barwell



  • CFP – IJPP (Chris)
  • Paraphrase Summer School (Kevin)
  • Talk by Jose and Dave (Bryan)