057 Application Updates


Francesco Cesarini @FrancescoC

Kevin Hammond @khstandrews

Zachary Kessin @zkessin


Erlang Factory San Francisco March 26-27

Elixir Conf EU 23-24 April Krakow

Erlang User Coference Stockholm 11-12 June



2 thoughts on “057 Application Updates”

  1. Just wanted to mention that there is a type migration tool for Haskell and its been around for a few years. The Happstack team created it and then split it out, its called SafeCopy. SafeCopy takes care of deriving a binary serialization format for any Haskell type (either manually or with template haskell) and then you add an instance of Migration that tells it how to migrate from an older type to a newer type and any time it deserializes the old type expecting the new one, it passes it through this function to upgrade it. It works quite nicely. Migrations are like a chain so if you have multiple old types in the wild it will upgrade them through the sequence of migrations.

    • Hi Michael, thanks so much for letting us know!


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