019 Elixir With José Valim

Download Link: http://mostlyerlang.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/mostly-erlang-19-elixir.mp3


Elixir Sips

Elixir is a new language created by José Valim to run on the Erlang runtime. It provides a ruby like syntax and extensive metaprogramming functionality to developers. Elixir stands to bring countless new developers into the Erlang ecosystem.

In addition to José we are joined by the creators of erlang Joe Armstrong, Rob Virding as well as Authors Simon St. Laurent and Fred Hebert.


  • Bryan Hunter ()
  • Jose Valim ()
  • Simon St. Laurent ()
  • Robert Virding ()
  • Joe Armstrong ()
  • Fred Hebert ()
  • Eric Merit ()



4 thoughts on “019 Elixir With José Valim

  1. I really like this podcast but with earphones it is really hard to listen to it. The first Podcasts had a good quality, did you change the setup?

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