015 Languages With Robert Virding

Download Link: http://mostlyerlang.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/015-robert-virding.mp3

Robert Virding was part of the team that first created Erlang at Ericson. Today he works for Erlang Solutions and in his spare time likes to implement other languages to run on the Erlang VM. So far he has created implementations of Prolog, Lisp and Lua that can run in the Erlang VM. We will talk about that and more.


  • Robert Virding ()
  • Fred Hebert ()
  • Bryan Hunter ()
  • Zach Kessin ()




2 thoughts on “015 Languages With Robert Virding”

  1. eccstartup says:

    There is a ‘]’ for the download link.

  2. eccstartup says:

    There is ‘]’ in the download link.


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