Package Mangement – Live

On Tuesday 6 January at 18:00GMT we will be doing a live podcast on a G+ hangout about package management systems. We invite everyone to come join us and submit questions via text chat.

3 thoughts on “Package Mangement – Live”

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  2. Look at Nix they have some interesting ideas not found on other package managers. Also you should put a lot more thought into this. Erlang acceptance depends on getting this thing right, people will judge the Erlang ecosystem on its package manager. Once it’s released it will be hard (perhaps impossible) to turn around and do it again. That is why it took _years_ for maps to appear in Erlang (because it was done as an afterthought).

    Also you should at Canonical. They require you to push your sources with the deb build files and they build the package from source for you. That way they know they can produce the binary without your help.


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