022 Refactoring with Wrangler

Link:  http://mostlyerlang.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/022_wrangler.mp3


Wrangler is a code refactoring tool created by Huinqui Li and Simon Thompson from the University of Kent. It enables Erlang developers to perform various automated and manual operations on a code base. Possible uses include updating code to take advantage of a new API, reporting on code duplication and various code smells. It creators join us to talk about it and how to use Wrangler and where it has seen good use.


  • Zachary Kessin ()
  • Simon Thompson ()
  • Huinqui Li (Homepage)
  • Francesco Cesarini ()
  • Fred Hebert ()


Project Ideas

  • Integrate Wrangler with VIM
  • Integrate Wrangler with Elixir


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2 thoughts on “022 Refactoring with Wrangler”

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  2. sven says:

    thank you for the content on It is great.
    I just cannot focus on the content (I know, my problem…) I get so aggressive because of all that noise in the background.

    Maybe I could help improve on the audio quality, what technologies are you using, currently?

    Thanks again for the great show.


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