022 Refactoring with Wrangler

Link:  https://mostlyerlang.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/022_wrangler.mp3


Wrangler is a code refactoring tool created by Huinqui Li and Simon Thompson from the University of Kent. It enables Erlang developers to perform various automated and manual operations on a code base. Possible uses include updating code to take advantage of a new API, reporting on code duplication and various code smells. It creators join us to talk about it and how to use Wrangler and where it has seen good use.


Project Ideas

  • Integrate Wrangler with VIM
  • Integrate Wrangler with Elixir


2 thoughts on “022 Refactoring with Wrangler

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  2. thank you for the content on It is great.
    I just cannot focus on the content (I know, my problem…) I get so aggressive because of all that noise in the background.

    Maybe I could help improve on the audio quality, what technologies are you using, currently?

    Thanks again for the great show.

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