013 F# With Bryan Hunter

Download Link: http://zkessin.github.io/mostlyerlang/episodes/013_fsharp.mp3


  • Bryan Hunter (@bryanhunter)
  • Fred Hebert (@mononcqc)
  • Yan Cui (@theburningmonk)
  • Phillip Trelford (@ptrelford)

Main Program

Bryan Hunter: Which did you learn first Erlang or F#?

What attracted you to Erlang?

What attracted you to F#?

Today you’re in the elevator with 5,000 Erlang developers. What’s your elevator pitch for F# to Erlang developers?

About sweet spots… are these two languages good at the same things, or different things?

In what scenario would F# be an obvious choice?

In what scenario would Erlang be an obvious choice?

Are there scenarios where both F#/Erlang are obviously the wrong choice?

Is there a case for using F# and Erlang together?

How would you do that?
Message Queue?
Jan’s Filbert

F#, is opensource.
What does that mean?
Is it opensource like Erlang?
Or less so?
Is Microsoft’s role to F# similar to Ericsson’s role with Erlang?

Both the syntax and tooling of Erlang and F# scare off beginners. Do you agree? What can be done to help?

I’ve heard both Erlang and F# described as industrial languages. What does that mean?

What would a port of F# to the Erlang Runtime System be like?

Something interesting happened at Lambda Jam in Chicago.
It felt as if F# had been welcomed into the larger FP community as a peer (first class member). Was it a liminal moment? What will come of that?


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