033 Skel With Kevin Hammond


  • Zachary Kessin (@zkessin)
  • Bryan Hunter (@bryan_hunter)
  • Kevin Hammond (@khstandrews)
  • Chris Brown (@chrismarkbrown)
  • Adam Barwell



  • CFP – IJPP (Chris)
  • Paraphrase Summer School (Kevin)
  • Talk by Jose and Dave (Bryan)

032 Elm with Evan Czaplicki

Download Link http://mostlyerlang.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/032_elm.mp3

Evan Czaplicki joins us to talk about Elm and how he it is redefining frontend development. By enabling haskell like types on the frontend he is enabling new ideas in how we can develop desktop applications in the browser. We also talk about the history of web application development and more.



  • Erlang Factory SF
  • EFL Zurich
  • EUC Stockholm

031 Bruce Tate

“Perfection is not acheaved when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away” –Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

“Java is dead like Cobol, not like Elvis” — Bruce Tate

Bruce Tate the author of Seven Languages in Seven Weeks joins us to talk about the state of the art and where it is going. We spend a lot of time talking about programming languages, where they have come from, and where they are going. What is new and hot in language design and what we can do to keep ourselves sharp.


Suduku Solver in Prolog
sudoku(Puzzle, Solution) :-
  Solution = Puzzle,

  Puzzle = [S11, S12, S13, S14,
            S21, S22, S23, S24,
            S31, S32, S33, S34,
            S41, S42, S43, S44],

  fd_domain(Solution, 1, 4),

  Row1 = [S11, S12, S13, S14],
  Row2 = [S21, S22, S23, S24],
  Row3 = [S31, S32, S33, S34],
  Row4 = [S41, S42, S43, S44],

  Col1 = [S11, S21, S31, S41],
  Col2 = [S12, S22, S32, S42],
  Col3 = [S13, S23, S33, S43],
  Col4 = [S14, S24, S34, S44],

  Square1 = [S11, S12, S21, S22],
  Square2 = [S13, S14, S23, S24],
  Square3 = [S31, S32, S41, S42],
  Square4 = [S33, S34, S43, S44],

  valid([Row1, Row2, Row3, Row4,
         Col1, Col2, Col3, Col4,
         Square1, Square2, Square3, Square4]).

valid([Head | Tail]) :- fd_all_different(Head), valid(Tail).

030 Industrial Erlang Users Group

Download Link http://mostlyerlang.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/030_industrial_erlang_users_group.mp3

Francesco, Justin and Kennith join the podcast to talk about the Industrial Erlang Users group and what the IEUG is and what it means for companies and users of Erlang.

We talk about the change in Erlang’s license to the MPL 2.0, new features in the language and more.


Project Ideas

  • Gen FSM visualizer

028 New to Erlang

Sponsor: Elixir Sips

Chuck from Ruby Roges has some questions about Erlang and when it could help him in his projects. Zach, Justin and Kevin hope to respond to his questions about Erlang and give him something to think about in terms of development platforms.


029 Teaching Kids to Code

Sponsor: Elixir Sips

Today we talk about how to teach kids programming, as a life skill and a fun activity for parents and children. Our panel talks about how they learned to program back in the day with basic and logo and how best to bring those experiences to our children’s generation.

We also talk about how to get involved with youth groups and schools to bring programming to more people

Podcast Carnival

  • Ruby Rogues
  • Giant Robots Smashing Into Other Giant Robots
  • Herding Code
  • Node Up
  • The Change Log

027 The State of the Art in Testing with Kostis

Download Link: http://mostlyerlang.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/027_next_generation_testing.mp3

Today we are joined by Kostis to talk about the state of the art of testing tools. We talk about Property based testing with QuickCheck and Proper and how you can use it in your programs to improve code quality. We then move on to concurrency testing and finding of race condition with Concuerror and how to find Heisenbugs.

We finish with new tools for Concolic testing that are now in development and should be an even more powerful way to find bugs in the future.


Project Idea

  • .emacs with everything for erlang